Disk Image Backups


Disk Image and Disk Cloning

Create an image of your entire disk or individual partitions


Local, Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud Backup

Back up your disk image to the cloud, a local disk, or both


Simple Bare-Metal System Recovery

Restore direct from cloud to your disk with our bootable USB utility

Add Disk Image to Any Plan

Bare-metal System

CAD per month

Choose From Disk Imaging or Disk Cloning


Disk Imaging

Backup an image of the entire hard disk or specific partitions from within Windows. Unused space is not included in the backup.


Disk Cloning

Creates an exact, byte for byte clone of the selected disk. Every disk sector is included, making this option ideal for forensic data recovery.

Backup On-site or Hybrid Cloud

Protect your disk image backup across multiple destinations for the ultimate redundancy. Schedule backups to an internal disk, USB hard drives, and NAS devices.


Backup Direct to Cloud

Backup directly to your cloud storage account, no local spool space required. Choose from one or multiple destinations. Choose from eazyBackup, Amazon S3, Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, and BackBlaze B2.


Multiple Restore Options

Our reliable, lightweight backup software has been designed utilizing the latest technology. Automatically protect your data in the background while you focus on your work.


Bootable USB Recovery

The eazyBackup application allows you to create USB Recovery Media based on the Windows Recovery Environment.


Bare-Metal Recovery

Boot with our USB recovery tool and restore directly from cloud storage to a physical device.


Restore to Virtual Disk Files

Restore your disk image to virtual disk image files (.vmdk) and boot in VirtualBox or Hyper-V.

Deduplicated, Compressed, and Encrypted



Client-side deduplication ensures fast, space saving, bandwidth-efficient backups.


Unlimted Retention

Keep all your data forever and restore your oldest snapshot as fast as your most recent.


No Full Image Re-uploads

Run your backup once and you will never have to reupload the full file again.


Compressed and Encrypted

Strong end-to-end encryption. Files are always compressed and encrypted before sending or storing using strong AES-256.

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