Resell online backup with zero entry costs

We equip Canadian IT service providers with a PIPEDA-compliant, carrier-grade backup platform. Offer your clients a complete and cost-effective solution.

Canadian Dollar

Stored in Canada

Customer data is stored in Canada, guaranteed. We do not outsource data storage to 3rd party services.

Price Tag

Volume Pricing

Expand your service portfolio and increase value to your clients with  cloud backup services

No contracts or storage commitments.


We welcome all resellers regardless of size, there are no contracts or minimum commitments. We store data for MSPs, IT consultants and retail computer stores across Canada. Our partner program is designed to be as simple as possible. Sign up today and immediately start creating your accounts and protecting your customers data.

File Restores

Restores Up To 60% Faster

Restores are fast (limited only by your connection and disk speed!). Utilizing our chunking technology the data is ready to go together without any client-side processing.


Unlimited Files

Unlimited Bandwidth

eazyBackup does not throttle your backup or restore speed, guaranteed. Limiting factors for both backup restore operations are only limited by the speed of your disk and available network bandwidth.

Online Support

Customer Support

With free technical support you’ll always have access to assistance when you need it. Enjoy top-tier customer service and technical support from our knowledgeable Canadian team.

Security AES


eazyBackup always encrypts all user data before sending or storing it, using strong AES-256-CTR with Poly1305 in AEAD mode with high-entropy random keys.


PIPEDA Compliant

eazyBackup helps you comply with Canadian confidentiality requirements by storing data privately. Read More

Faster than the competition

At the core of eazyBackup is our Chunking technology that allows us to back-up and restore faster than the competition.

Back up your files locally and offsite

Send your backup to multiple destinations for the ultimate redundancy. Schedule backups to the eazyBackup cloud, USB drives, network locations, SFTP servers, and FTP servers.


Get started in seconds.

Instant account activation

Start deploying your accounts within minutes.


No storage commitments

Offer your clients a complete and cost-effective solution


No Contracts

Pay for what you need. Stop paying for resources you don’t use.


No Bandwidth Limits

We do not limit the speed at which you can backup or restore. The faster you can complete your backup the better.

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Trusted by MSPs across Canada

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"Based on your support, I will be recommending you to my clients, and recommending that my clients currently using Carbonite switch over to your service."

Colin, Evolve2Web

Information Security

Hey guys, first impressions are good. Your software was very fast and easy to use. Great upload speeds.

Dave, CNM Systems

IT Analyst

We've moved our customers around a lot of different online backup companies because of pricing and slow support. We really appreciate how easy it is to get support and help with restores for our clients.

Ahmed, Satyam Technologies

Help Desk Specialist