Jobs left in Running state

Error: This job was thought to have stopped, but it seems to still be running.

eazyBackup on the customer PC is responsible for closing-off a job log, there are certain situations where a job would be left in “Running” state indefinitely, for e.g If the PC is shut down unexpectedly.

The old, inactive “Running” jobs will be cleaned up automatically if eazyBackup sees an opportunity to prove that they are no longer running.

To clear old, inactive “Running” jobs you can try the following solutions or contact support for assistance:

  • Solution: Running a retention pass
    • For safety reasons, a retention pass requires eazyBackup to temporarily take exclusive control over your Storage Vault. eazyBackup makes a number of checks to verify this exclusivity, but the practical benefit is that when a retention pass runs, all past backup jobs must no longer be running by definition.
    • To run a retention pass on the storage vault – right click on the eazyBackup Storage Vault -> Advanced -> Apply retention rules now
      backup retention pass
  • Running a new backup job on the same device
    • eazyBackup can compare lockfiles in the Storage Vault with the running process IDs in Task Manager. If a lockfile was created by a process that is no longer running, that job must have stopped.
  • Request a software update
    • Contact our support desk to request an automatic update to the latest version. When a software update job completes successfully the update process will have terminated all prior jobs. All past backup jobs on this device are no longer running.