Account Devices

You can log in to the same user account from multiple devices. eazyBackup bills for each device used, plans start with 1 device but can be modified at any time to support any number of additional devices.

Each device under an account has their own private Protected Items, but share a single Storage Vault. Because Storage Vaults are the unit of deduplication, all backups from all devices in the account can be deduplicated against each other. This also means that devices can restore each others’ data.

When a backup job runs the storage vault is locked for exclusive access to that device. If you have multiple devices performing backup jobs you may want to spread out the scheduled run times so that jobs do not overlap.

Devices can be revoked from your account from within the client area. Once a device is revoked you will no longed be billed for that device, you will always have a minimum of one device.

When a device is revoked data from that specific device will be purged from your account the next time a retention pass is performed. Retention passes are typically performed automatically at the end of a backup job.

A device has a “friendly name” that is set  when it is first registered. The “friendly name” defaults to the hostname of the PC. Contact support to rename devices in an account.

Because additional devices incur a cost, there are limits placed on the total number of devices in an account. Billing plans must be modified from the client area for each device you want to add  / remove.