Cancel a running backup job

You can cancel a running backup job from the Backup tab, click on the progress bar line under the protected item for the job you want to stop.

eazyBackup can have multiple simultaneous backup jobs running to different locations, each in-progress backup will have a green progress bar under the protected item.

Selecting the progress will reveal the details pane for that job which includes the cancellation button.

Proceedure to force stop abondoned backup

If the backup job appears to be in-progress but cannot be stopped and is no longer showing activity, the job may be abandoned. Please use the following procedure to stop the backup process.

From the Settings menu, right click on the storage vault in use. Select Advanced and click Apply retention rules now.

Since the storage vault is likely locked, which prevents new backups form starting, performing the retention pass will remove the lock.


In the even that you are still unable to complete a backup after performing the retention pass, a software update will need to be performed to clear the vault lock.

Download the latest release from our website here:

Download the .zip archive, extract all files and then run the installer.

Installing the current version over top of your existing installation will not have any effect on your settings, protected items or backup data.

When the install completes, run a manual backup and confirm that you receive a successful backup status.