Getting Started Guide

This article outlines the steps to create a scheduled file backup job with eazyBackup Workstation / Server

1: Open eazyBackup and login to the client user interface.

2: Select the ‘Backup Sets’ tile.

Create a New Backup Set

3: Click 'Add new backup set' to create a new backup schedule

Add New Backup Set

4: Give your backup set a friendly name that will help identify the backup. (For e.g. (Accounting Computer Daily Backup)
A unique name is especially helpful if you plan to backup multiple computers under one account.

5: Backup set type option defaults to file backup. Choose file backup to select files from your local computer, a network drive or external hard drive.

Backup Set Part 3

6: Select the files and folders you want to backup. You can select from the default options Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Outlook.

If you would like to browse for specific files and folders on your computer, external hard drive or network location, select 'I would like to choose the files to backup'

Backup Set Part 4

7: By default, all backup jobs will be scheduled for a daily backup at 20:00 hours. Click on the 'Daily Backup Schedule' to edit the frequency of the backups and time of day jobs will start.

If you plan to run backup jobs manually you can optionally choose to disable the backup schedule.

Backup Set Part 5

8: Optionally backup to multiple destinations to create additional backup redundancy.

By default, all backup data will be stored on eazyBackup servers.

It's easy to add additional locations such as an external hard drive, it's a good practice to keep an onsite copy of your data backup for fast disaster recovery and additional redundancy.

Backup Set Part 6

9: eazyBackup is equipped with advanced encryption options to secure your data.

Enabling the backup encryption will allow you to configure a unique encryption key for your data that is known only to the client.

Be sure to remember your encryption key, data cannot be restored from your backup account without the encryption key.

Backup Set Part 7

10: Enter your Windows username and password.

This will grant eazyBackup permission to backup files when the computer is locked or users are logged off.

Backup Set Part 8

11: Now your backup set has been successfully created.

Choose 'backup now' if you would like to run a manual backup immediately after completing the backup wizard.

Choose 'Close' to have eazyBackup run in the background, your backup will start at the time defined in your backup schedule.

Backup Set Part 9