Backup and Recover Everything on Windows & macOS

Experience an online backup service that delivers pure performance with our proven, fast industry-leading software, and delivers zero-compromise security.


Backup Automatically

Choose the files / folders you want to protect with no limitations on file sizes or type.


Avoid Data Loss

You need to have a disaster recovery plan for your data. eazyBackup helps you to back up and restore your personal and business data with ease.


Data Security

Your backed up data is stored securely, using the strongest encryption and account two-factor authentication.


Affordable Cloud Storage

Our cloud backup plans include 1TB of storage. Additional storage for Workstation plan billed @ $9.56/TB per month and additional storage for Server plan billed @ $15.60/TB per month. Annual subscription and volume discounts available.


Centralized Management

Manage and monitor all your organization's backup jobs for your computers and Office 365 through our online dashboard.

What’s Protected by eazyBackup?

Secure, reliable cloud backup to protect your most important files from data loss and ransomware.



Choose the files / folders you want to protect with no limitations on file sizes or type.


NAS & network

Backup files from your network drives and NAS.


Hyper-V virtual servers

Backup an unlimited number of Hyper-V Guest VMs with zero downtime.



MS SQL Server


Disk Image Backups

Easily backup and restore an image of your entire disk or individual partitions for bare-metal system recovery. Restore direct from cloud to your disk with our bootable USB utility. Disk Image Backup


Office 365 Backup

Our cloud backup solution has been developed from the ground-up to protect Microsoft 365 data stored in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Teams. Office 365 Backup

Reliable, Efficent Cloud Backup and Fast Recovery



Client-side deduplication ensures fast, space saving, bandwidth-efficient backups.


Compression & Encryption

Files are always compress and encrypted before sending or storing using strong AES-256 with a private encryption key.


No Full Image Re-uploads

Run your backup once and you will never have to reupload the full file again.


Best in Class Security

Your data is protected at Sasktel's Tier III, SOC 2 certified Datacentre. 

Full end-to-end encryption, files are always encrypted before sending or storing using strong AES-256bit encryption. Our dashboard also supports two factor authentication (2FA).

Separate encrypted storage vaults for each customer's data adding multiple layers of security.

Customer controlled encryption key, you are the only party with the decryption key ensuring total privacy of your data.

Live Database Protection

Using our server plan, create live backups of Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Mongo DB with zero-downtime. 

Online Database Backup Software

Benefits of Our Cloud Backup Solution


Ransomware protection

Application lock prevents tampering with backups. Versioning capabilities let you roll back to clean copies of your data.


Web-based dashboard

A central point to manage and monitor backups. Deploy new accounts, remote start backup jobs from the console, view real-time status activity, review backup logs, and monitor usage statistics.


Ultra fast restores

Restores are fast (limited only by your connection and disk speed). Our chunking technology ensures restore transfers start immediately.


End-to-end encrypted

Zero-knowledge backup, data is always encrypted before it leaves your computer, with a private key known only by you.


PHI compliant

eazyBackup helps you comply with Canadian confidentiality requirements by storing data privately. Read More


Support that cares

Free technical support whenever you need it. Enjoy top-tier customer service and technical support from our knowledgeable Canadian team.

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