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Seed Load Backup Walkthrough

Seed Load Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough of our Seed Load process. Using this method it is possible to perform your initial backup to a local external drive and then courier this to the  server administrator.

Open the eazyBackup application, select the “Accounts” menu and click “Add Storage Vault”

Add storage vault

We are going to create a new “Local Path” Storage Vault. Give the storage vault location a friendly name.


On the storage tab we are going to select Local Path from the device storage drop down menu.

Click Browse and select the device you are going to use to store the backup data.


Now that we have our new storage vault setup we can create a new Protected Item for the seed load backup. select the “Backup” menu and click “Add Protected Item”


Give your Protected Item a friendly name, something to identify what you are backing up.



At this point we do not want to create a schedule to run the Protected Item. The schedule can be configured at a later date after the seed load backup has been added to your account.



When you are ready to start this backup job you will prompted to select the storage vault you would like to backup to. Select your local storage vault as the destination.


Now we have successfully backed up the data to the seed load device and the next step is to contact eazyBackup for shipping instructions.