PIPEDA Compliant Online Backup for Healthcare Professionals

eazyBackup ProMed protects your data with automated end-to-end encrypted backup for servers, NAS, VMs, desktops, and laptops. Easily deployed and centrally managed.

Plans start with 1TB of our private cloud storage.


Data Stored in Canada

Medical Data Backup

Preventative care for your data

Secure, reliable backup to protect your most important files from data loss and ransomware. You have full control of the data and assets you want to protect. Easy setup for beginners, advanced features for power users.



Choose the files / folders you want to protect with no limitations on file sizes or type.



MS SQL Server


Virtual servers

Backup an unlimited number of Hyper-V Guest VMs with zero downtime.


Exchange server

Backup for Microsoft Exchange Server databases


NAS & network

Network drives and NAS (network attached storage) are fully covered.


Bare-metal backup

eazyBackup integrates with Windows System Backup to create a complete disk-image of your server.

Complement your cloud backup with an on-premise copy

Protect your data across multiple destinations for the ultimate redundancy. Schedule backups to eazyBackup's private cloud, S3, local USB hard drives, NAS devices and more.


Best in class security

Your data is protected in Sasktel's new world-class Tier III, SOC 2 certified Datacentre. 

Full end-to-end encryption, files are always encrypted before sending or storing using strong AES-256-CTR.

Separate encrypted storage vaults for each customer's data. Vaults are encrypted on first use adding multiple layers of security.

Customer controlled encryption key, you are the only party with the decryption key ensuring total privacy of your data.


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eazyBackup is available for macOS, and Windows operating systems

Data is at the Heart of Your Business
Let's Keep it Safe


Private cloud 100% owned by eazyBackup

Your data is stored in Canada – guaranteed. We do not outsource data storage to a 3rd party.


PIPEDA compliance

eazyBackup's encryption protocols and private cloud storage located in Canada keep your information safe and your personal information protection and electronic documents act compliance covered.


Account two-factor authentication

Using two-factor authentication with a username and password-based login adds an additional layer of security against unauthorized access to your account.

Affordable, Predictable Pricing

Online backup plans from $12.95/mo

All plans start with 1 TB data storage, easily add more storage from $9.56/TB per month

See how eazyBackup performs with a 15 day trial

Easy to use, Manage, and Access

Our reliable, lightweight backup software has been designed utilizing the latest technology. Automatically protect your data in the background while you focus on your work.


Ransomware protection

Application lock prevents tampering with backups. Versioning capabilities let you roll back to clean copies of your data.


Unlimited retention

Configure the length data retention to meet your needs or enable unlimited retention to archive all your backups forever.


Healthcare Privacy Act

Protect your patient data with eazyBackup. Our online backup service is compliant with PIPEDA, PHI, and E-Health - we have you covered.

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