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Our Canadian backup service is a carrier-grade, well tested, and proven solution. It meets the data backup needs of small businesses and large nationwide providers that expect high availability and redundancy standards. Our dedicated customer support team is always standing by to help with any questions.
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Tier III Certified Data Centre


eazyBackup's storage servers are located in a hardened Tier II Data Center facility Certified by the Uptime Institute. Based in Saskatoon, SK, a geologically stable environment with low risk of natural disasters.

Environmental and safety

Our facility adheres to ASHRAE 2011 Environmental Class A1 guidelines.  Temperatures  are carefully controlled, kept at a constant level. Air conditioning units, in excess of what is required, supply ventilation and cooling.

Two-stage fire suppression system with cross-zoned detection. In addition, a separate fire detection mechanism constantly samples the air and acts in tandem with detectors mounted on the ceiling.

Power system

The Data Centre is connected to a stable public power grid and has two utility feeds from two separate transformers coming into the Data Centre facility. backup diesel powered generators with guaranteed fuel supply contracts.

Redundant UPS and battery backup provide 20 minutes of power to the facility while the redundant generators start up providing on going power to the facility during an outage.

Security and monitoring

Security is of prime importance in our facility, Access to the Data Centre is governed by strict security policies. Physical entry is electronically secured, physically monitored, and staffed by bonded security personnel on a 24/7 basis.

The outer perimeter and corridors of the facility are monitored with closed-circuit cameras and motion detectors to ensure that no unauthorized individuals gain access to the facility.

To control access to the Data Centre itself, biometric scanners are used in conjunction with key-card access.

The Data Centre is protected with 24/7 onsite security guards and CCTV cameras monitoring access and infrastructure.

Online Backup hosted in Canada, Tier III Data Center

Keep your data safe and secure in Canada


Your data is stored in Canada – guaranteed. We do not outsource data storage to a 3rd party. Located in a Tier III Data Centre certified by the Uptime Institute. Based in Saskatoon, SK, a geologically stable environment with low risk of natural disasters.


Cloud backup that's easy and low-cost

Our feature rich software is designed with an intuitive, easy to use interface. 

Security AES


Encrypt your files with a private encryption key known only to you.

Files and file names are encrypted before being transferred using AES 256-bit encryption through a secure SSL connection.

Check File

Unlimited Files

Protect an unlimited number of files, with no limits on file size or type.

Set custom retention rules to meet your organization’s needs, and instantly restore previous file versions.

Online Support

Friendly Help

We like waiting on hold and talking to offshore call centres as much as you do.

Enjoy top-tier support from our knowledgeable Canadian team.

Data Protection

Database Backup

Our dedicated backup modules let you back up Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases without taking them offline.


eazyBackup helps you comply with Canadian patient confidentiality requirements by storing patient data privately.

Resellers: Focus on your clients' data with eazyBackup.


Expand your service portfolio and increase value to your clients with our reseller cloud backup platform.

We equip Canadian MSPs with a PHIPA compliant, carrier-grade cloud backup platform. Offer your clients a complete, and cost-effective solution designed to meet their data backup needs.