Quickly Backup Macs, PCs and Windows Servers

Create automated backups of all your files to our Canadian storage center. 

Backup unlimited files, types and size with eazyBackup

File Versioning

Unlimited File Versions

Set custom retention rules to meet your organization’s needs, and instantly restore previous file versions.

Unlimited Files

Unlimited Files

Protect an unlimited number of files, no limits on file size or type.

Fast File Restores

Unlimited Speed

Backup as fast as your internet connection allows, eazyBackup offers completely unlimited bandwidth for backups and restores.

Security AES


Encrypt your files with a private encryption key known only to you.

Files and file names are encrypted before being transferred using AES 256-bit encryption through a secure SSL connection.

File Restores

Fast Restores

Easily restore current copies of one file or all your files.

We also enable you to pick a date and restore individual files or folders from previous backups.


Online Support

Friendly Help

We like waiting on hold and talking to offshore call centres as much as you do.

Enjoy top-tier support from our knowledgeable Canadian team.

Data Protection

Database Backup

Our dedicated backup modules let you back up Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases without taking them offline.

Check File

Flexible backup schedules

Protect an unlimited number of files, with no limits on file size or type.

Set custom retention rules to meet your organization’s needs, and instantly restore previous file versions.



eazyBackup helps you comply with Canadian patient confidentiality requirements by storing patient data privately.

Easy to use

eazyBackup comes with an intuitive easy to use interface, no training required.

When you need assistance, the Help button on each page provides you with a quick answer.


Back up your files locally and offsite

Optionally backup to multiple local and network destinations for additional redundancy. Schedule one backup to multiple destinations such as USB hard drives, mapped network drives and the eazyBackup cloud.

We keep your data safe and secure.


eazyBackup protects your data in a Canadian Tier III Datacenter with

Plus, our data center is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — a natural disaster free zone.

Bare-metal backup and restore

Perform full bare-metal Windows system image backups so that your entire machine is protected with a single backup set. In the event of system failure, you can perform a bare-metal recovery.

Select the volume you want to backup, configure your schedule, retention policy, destination and encryption.


Windows System Backup
MS SQL Backup

Microsoft SQL Server Backup

eazyBackup Server offers a specialized Microsoft SQL Server backup solution.

Our wizard will guide you through the process, including selection of backup mode (VSS or ODBC *), configuration of the backup source, backup schedule, retention policy, destination and encryption.

  • Supports hot SQL database backup
  • Point in time restore
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Block level incremental backups of your DB

Microsoft Exchange Server Backup

Backup your complete Exchange database or individual Exchange

Brick-level backup of selected emails of individual

Quickly back up your individual emails, contacts and calendars in  selected mailboxes.

Restore individual emails without restoring complete database

Lost or accidentally deleted emails can easily be restored to their original location with the Mail-level backup solution.


Exchange Backup Step 2

Retention / versioning

Keep multiple versions of your files with custom retention policies.

Set daily, weekly, monthly and/or yearly retention policies to suit your compliance needs.

eazyBackup Server supports unlimited retention, eazyBackup Workstation supports up to 365 versions.

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